Mehmet Iris (born January 21, 1990 in İstanbul) is a Turkish Musical Actor. Known by the nickname “ Kirpi ”.
He started to participate in theater works as an amateur during the secondary school period in 2001 and continued during his high school years.
He started his professional acting career in Virgül Theater, founded by Enver Demirkan, after high school. He continued acting here between 2007/2011 and played in 2 musical plays, 1 detective comedy and 4 children’s musicals.
During his professional acting, he started to compete with the Latin dance Salsa, which he started as an amateur. In 2014, he became a semi-finalist in the world championship held in Florida, where he competed in the Solo Men category, and a year later, he won the fifth place in the world in the Pro/am category, in which 22 country competitors participated in the same competition.
In 2013, he started his musical theater education at Istanbul University State Conservatory. During his education, he performed as a tenor soloist on various platforms.

During the active school and competition period, she danced in many concerts, participated as a soloist and choirist, acted as an extra and was also a guest theater or dancer in several TV shows.
He also choreographed and danced with Nilgün Belgün in the play Love and Comedy in the same period as the conservatory. He went on tour to many cities with the play Love and Comedy, and took the stage in Austria, Paris, Zurich and Geneva.
In 2018, he gave the lesson and performed his solo show with the invitation he received from a dance festival in Madrid and a dance event in Barcelona.
While his academic studies on music and performing arts are currently continuing, he started his stage activities again after the Pandemic with Kirpi Sanat, the continuation of the dance group Kirpi Show Team, which he founded in 2013.

* Istanbul University State Conservatory, Department of Musical Theater 
* Anadolu University Faculty of Economics Department of Public Administration
* Istanbul University Faculty of Sport Sciences Exercise and Sport